Our aim is to sell high quality products from all around the world as well as being a showcase for the best local products in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Recently we have been updating our store, introducing some of world´s finest product to the Icelandic market. We specialise in high quality products with long history. Being the oldest original store in Iceland we know what it takes to run an old and successful business for more than a century. There for we want to partner with manufacturers that have been in the business for a long time as well. For us that is sign of quality products and great service!

Our foreign partners today are for example Crane Stationery (est. 1770), Kaweco (est. 1883), El Casco (est. 1920), Blackwing (est. 1934) and Falcon Enamelware (est. 1920)

Even though we love to bring high end products to the Icelandic market our passion is to bring the Westfjords to the world, introducing our authors, stories and history to our guests as well as local delegacy, artist and products of Westfjords.

This combination of local and global is one of many things that makes the Old Bookstore in Flateyri so uniq!