Better late than never

This is Bernharður Guðmundsson, he droped by at the Old bookstore to day. His grandfather was a farmer in Önundarfjörður and was a regular customer in the Bookstore back in the days.

While looking up his grandfather purchase history, we found out that in the year 1919, he owed the Bookstore 1,500kr.

His grandson decided to paid his debt today, 100 years later.

Thanks for the business!

10,000 visitors this summer

And the summer isn´t even over yet!

Little did Anton and Tiffany know when they bought a copy of the Ielandic Sagas, but doing so, they became our 10,000 customers this summer!

Thank you all for stopping by this summer!

Busy summer!

Yes, we are still alive. The summer has been great so far, awesome weather and many great people have stopped by at our store this summer. We have been so busy that we haven´t had any time to update our website, even though the plan was to put up some news every week!

John Rogers from Grapevine dropped by this summer and you can read about his visit here on Grapevine.

Eyþór, the happy store owner.

Freshen up for the summer

We have been using the good weather in the beginning of the summer to do some paint job on the Bookstore. Now the windows are finally back to the original color, dark red. In the attic we found old paint bucket and could therefore choose the right original color this time, but the Bookstore was painted in light green color with yellow windows some 45 years ago.

New Website

Finally our website is up and running. The Old Bookstore in Flateyri has been in business since 1914, so we think it is about time to publish our first website in the year 2019!

Jón, one of the founder of the Old Bookstore was born in the year 1880, 111 year before the World Wide Web was born.