Buy Unique Postcard from the Oldest Original Bookstore in Iceland

Hi, my name is Eythor, I am the shop owner of the oldest original store in Iceland. A Bookstore that my great-grandfather started in the year 1914 in Flateyri, a tiny fishing village in the Westfjords of Iceland. My store is one of a kind and is very popular among tourist in Iceland, but due to the travel restrictions the summer traffic might be a bit slower than usual. Therefore I am offering to send you a personal postcard from my Old Bookstore in Iceland. The Postcard is locally made with a photo that I took, I will handwrite you some personal message and mark the postcard with the Old Bookstore Candle wax seal. The Postcard will be shipped to you using an Icelandic stamp. Since you can not visit the Old Bookstore in Iceland and send your friends some postcard, I will do it for you. I can send you and your friends and family personal Postcard, with some handwritten message from me or I can write messages on request! - For messages on request or other information, contact me on:


Flateyri Candy

Handmade Flateyri candy in 30gr bag.



The Old Bookstore currency is like Bitcoin, but it is a Bookcoin! One coin is worth 1 kg of books. The Bookcoin is a great gift for someone that you think should read more books or a great souvenir and collection item, since there are only made 100 each year. - Collect them all!


Flateyri Bookstore candle wax seal 2019

Mark your book or postcard with the Flateyri Bookstore candle wax seal to make it unique!


Flateyri Bookstore bookmark

Uniq letterpressed Bookmark with hand drawn picture of Flateyri.


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