Stay at the old Bookstore in Flateyri!

The Bookstore family has been living in the same house as the Old Bookstore for more than 100 years! Now you are welcome to stay at the home of the Bookstore family, at this historical place.

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Enjoy your time in Flateyri at the oldest original store in Iceland!

Local & Global!

Our aim is to sell high quality products from all around the world as well as being a showcase for the best local products in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Recently we have been updating our store, introducing some of world´s finest product to the Icelandic market. We specialise in high quality products with long history. Being the oldest original store in Iceland we know what it takes to run an old and successful business for more than a century. There for we want to partner with manufacturers that have been in the business for a long time as well. For us that is sign of quality products and great service!

Our foreign partners today are for example Crane Stationery (est. 1770), Kaweco (est. 1883), El Casco (est. 1920), Blackwing (est. 1934) and Falcon Enamelware (est. 1920)

Even though we love to bring high end products to the Icelandic market our passion is to bring the Westfjords to the world, introducing our authors, stories and history to our guests as well as local delegacy, artist and products of Westfjords.

This combination of local and global is one of many things that makes the Old Bookstore in Flateyri so uniq!

Open during Covid-19

The Englsih page has been inactive during the Covid-19 situation due to few tourist from other countries. We opened new Icelandic page that has been more active this summer. However we have been open the whole summer and will be open for few more weeks or months more, it all depend on the traffic in this strange time.

We just want to remind our guest to stay safe, sanitize and keep social distance. The store has, in it´s 106 years survived two world wars, the Spanish flu, volcanic eruptions and avalanches and we will go through this Covid-19 period.

For further information about the Covid-19 situation in Iceland check out

See you in the Bookstore, The oldest original store in Iceland,
Eyþór Jóvinsson
store manager.

Looking back at the year 2019

Last year was a good year for the old bookstore that was running its 105th year! The Store was open for 156 days last year and we had 12,280 visitors. That is an average of 79 visitors a day. Thous visitors bought all in all 5,700 kg of books, almost 500gr of books per visitors or around one book per person.

The store will be open every Saturday from 12:00-16:00 this winter until we open for the summer, around 15th of may 2020.

Better late than never

This is Bernharður Guðmundsson, he droped by at the Old bookstore to day. His grandfather was a farmer in Önundarfjörður and was a regular customer in the Bookstore back in the days.

While looking up his grandfather purchase history, we found out that in the year 1919, he owed the Bookstore 1,500kr.

His grandson decided to paid his debt today, 100 years later.

Thanks for the business!

10,000 visitors this summer

And the summer isn´t even over yet!

Little did Anton and Tiffany know when they bought a copy of the Ielandic Sagas, but doing so, they became our 10,000 customers this summer!

Thank you all for stopping by this summer!

Busy summer!

Yes, we are still alive. The summer has been great so far, awesome weather and many great people have stopped by at our store this summer. We have been so busy that we haven´t had any time to update our website, even though the plan was to put up some news every week!

John Rogers from Grapevine dropped by this summer and you can read about his visit here on Grapevine.

Eyþór, the happy store owner.

Freshen up for the summer

We have been using the good weather in the beginning of the summer to do some paint job on the Bookstore. Now the windows are finally back to the original color, dark red. In the attic we found old paint bucket and could therefore choose the right original color this time, but the Bookstore was painted in light green color with yellow windows some 45 years ago.

New Website

Finally our website is up and running. The Old Bookstore in Flateyri has been in business since 1914, so we think it is about time to publish our first website in the year 2019!

Jón, one of the founder of the Old Bookstore was born in the year 1880, 111 year before the World Wide Web was born.